Life’s Mystery – Solved

This week I discovered something.  I accidentally did an experiment on myself these last couple of weeks, totally Mad-Scientist-Not-Mad-Scientist style.

Step 1: I started drinking more water.  It was because on the job I was hungry, and I didn’t have time to stop and snack (ehehehehe *ahem* yes Mom, I see now what you mean about the whole snacking thing you warned me about years ago), and the heat was starting to get to me.  I started bringing this really big water container to work, filling it up constantly, and drinking liter after liter after liter.

Step 2: I started eating less.  I was already trying to eat less, but suddenly, I broke through.  No idea how, but I was really happy.  I would get full after eating half of what I was used to.

Step 3: I stopped drinking as much water.  I ran out of water in the jug at home and didn’t go get more for a couple of days.  I drank a little bit while I was at work (short shifts) and some from the water bottles in my car, but not nearly as much.

Step 4: I started eating more.  I feel bloated again and tired and bleeech.

I think this is where I ask you – do you see the pattern?  Because I do.  I’m trying to change my life here – and my habits.  And I’m going to accept all the comes with it.  If that means I have to drink 3 liters and pee, like, 17 times a day?  So be it.

Off to do steps right now. 🙂

This is not the end.

Sierra ❤

30 Days

Here’s what’s happening…  I have been on deadline with my novel for the last two weeks.  But I’m back in the game now!  I’ve been really cutting down the amount of food I take in every day, which is something, and just yesterday I started the 30-day ab workout plan below.  I’m extremely excited to keep going with this.  I feel challenged and ready to rise to the occasion.  I will keep you updated as I go along!

This is not the end.




When Life Does Not Comply

I’ve been trying to be good.  Last week, I really really wanted to do the most I could.

But sometimes, it’s not because you’re lazy: it’s because THINGS HAPPEN.

And lemme tell you, things sure did happen last week.

For one, there were a LOT of fires last week.  All over San Diego.  If you’re in SD and you missed hearing about them, are you Donna Noble or something?  (If you don’t get the reference, Google her name.)

Basically, there were evacuations: packing our house up and leaving the city.  We stayed the night up north in Temecula, then I had to get ready for work and drive back down.  The fires are out now, but guess what else happened?  I got in my first car accident.

Go figure.

I’m okay.  I’m just frustrated and my back hurts now and my car is dented and I’m stressed.  I’ve been spending extra time on this and it sucks.  At least it wasn’t my fault, right?

My biggest comfort in all this is the following:  That I’m actually thinking about working out.  I’m not totally distracted, where I forget about it completely, like in the past.  This week, even with all this going on, I was thinking about my steps, and the pool, and wanting to get in some crunches, maybe hold a plank or two or ten.  Lift some weights.  Do some squats.  It was constantly on my mind.  I was actually bummed out when I didn’t get to do these things.

This, my friends, is quite a magical feeling!!

So anyway.  When life does not comply, when life goes on without you (or so it seems), it’s okay.  That’s not always going to happen.  As long as you’re being diligent and working hard when you do have the time….well, things are bound to happen, yeah? 🙂

This is not the end.


Just Keep Swimming?

Our neighbors across the street have a great pool.  It overlooks a beautiful area of Escondido, hills and trees and pretty houses.  Last night, we finally went swimming there.  It was a late night swim, nearly 9:00 by the time we finally got over there.  Our neighbors are currently out of town, so we had the place to ourselves.  We laughed so hard, loving the cold water after this disgusting hot weather.  We got to watch a giant moon rise over the mountains, shrouded in leftover smoke from the recent fires.

In short, it was beautiful.  And I felt very refreshed.  I was laughing, for a long time after we got out of the pool, and I slept really really hard that night.  Don’t laugh at me: I haven’t been swimming in a long time.

I won’t be able to go for a swim all the time, but if I’m going to make exercise a part of my routine, I’ll want to spice it up sometimes with new activities and also ones I can’t get to that often.  One of those things, I have decided, will be swimming.  I’m excited to do laps and try some pool-related exercises, but mostly I’m just excited for that rush of lightness I felt when I was in the pool.  It was so nice, especially after a stressful week.  And because I’m a late-night person anyway, and because the moon was so beautiful, and I could see the stars, I will probably make it a night thing.  After a long day, when I have an hour in the evening, I will go swimming.

This is not the end.



Stepping Up

In my last post I said I wasn’t going to make any goals.

I feel I should clarify.  Isn’t fitness all about making goals?  Isn’t it about attaining something great, which requires constant striving toward something specific?

Well, yeah.  It does.

My something specific: being healthy.

I’m never going to be a size 2.  I don’t even WANT to be a size 2.  I would like to be a size 12.  I would be comfortable and happy with a 12.  But I’m also happy with just being healthy.

Right now I’m not healthy.  I’m trying to change it.  THAT is my goal.

But I also want to set small goals.  Little, tiny things week by week to help me go along.  No long-term, no crazy things like “hike 30 mountains in 2014”.  None of that.

This week I’m going to start out with something simple.  I have a set of steps, which I absolutely love.  I used to use them all the time, but I’ve gotten out of the habit.  Well, for the next week, I’m going to do 100 steps each day.  50 per leg.  I’ll probably go over some days.  But I’m promising right now to make time for it every single day and do at least 100.

It’s not that hard.  It will take me under 10 minutes.  It’s a start.  I’m going to do it.

And while I do it?  I’m going to listen to this song:

This is not the end.



This Is Me


….right now. About to get in the car. Setting up this blog. Because I’m professional like that.

My phone is below 5%, and dying fast, but I’m writing this anyway. It’s important to me that I create this blog. It’s important to me that I make a life change. It’s important that I do it now, because tomorrow’s not going to do it for me.

The purpose of this blog is not to make goals. I think goals are great, and should be set. And accomplished. But for me? I’m still trying to figure out this crazy thing called “working out”. Also known as “fitness”. What is this thing? Why should I do it? What’s so important?

I’m slowly learning the answers to these questions. I’m not very good at aforementioned fitness. I’m just getting to a place in my life where I enjoy things such as: fast walking/jogging, lunges, crunches, weights, etc. Nothing fancy, but hey, now I enjoy it at least!

For a while I have also struggled with over eating. Most of the time I don’t even know I’m doing it – but lately I’ve been catching on. Feeling convicted. Realizing when enough is enough.

So all in all, I have a long way to go.  And it’s going to be a journey, one I want YOU to come with me for.

This is not the end.