Life’s Mystery – Solved

This week I discovered something.  I accidentally did an experiment on myself these last couple of weeks, totally Mad-Scientist-Not-Mad-Scientist style.

Step 1: I started drinking more water.  It was because on the job I was hungry, and I didn’t have time to stop and snack (ehehehehe *ahem* yes Mom, I see now what you mean about the whole snacking thing you warned me about years ago), and the heat was starting to get to me.  I started bringing this really big water container to work, filling it up constantly, and drinking liter after liter after liter.

Step 2: I started eating less.  I was already trying to eat less, but suddenly, I broke through.  No idea how, but I was really happy.  I would get full after eating half of what I was used to.

Step 3: I stopped drinking as much water.  I ran out of water in the jug at home and didn’t go get more for a couple of days.  I drank a little bit while I was at work (short shifts) and some from the water bottles in my car, but not nearly as much.

Step 4: I started eating more.  I feel bloated again and tired and bleeech.

I think this is where I ask you – do you see the pattern?  Because I do.  I’m trying to change my life here – and my habits.  And I’m going to accept all the comes with it.  If that means I have to drink 3 liters and pee, like, 17 times a day?  So be it.

Off to do steps right now. 🙂

This is not the end.

Sierra ❤


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