I’m starting this blog May 11th, 2014.

It seems to be a trend, that I start new blogs in the spring/early summer.  I started my book blog, Yearning to Read, back on June 10th, 2010.  I dunno – maybe it’s something in the air.

Or maybe I’m just crazy.

Either way – Hi!  I’m Sierra.  Welcome to the blog where I get down and dirty and tell you all about the ridiculous things I’ve been up to.  This Is Not The End is dedicated to my journey…particularly the part where I lose weight.  I’m really excited to write this blog.  Writing is my passion…so being able to write about staying fit will, I believe, really motivate me.

I entitled the blog “This Is Not The End” for a reason.  You know that moment when you’re on a hike, and the sun’s beating down on you and you’re really out of shape and you’re like, “If I take one more step I will surely die.”  Yeah, that one.  It’s painful.  No, it’s excruciating.  And what I’m trying to remind myself is: “You’re NOT going to die.  You’re actually going to live because you’re exercising.  This is not the end.”

So that’s where the name came from.  I hope it encourages you, helps you.  I can’t wait to track this and watch my progress.  I have high hopes for my future, and I know this blog is going to be a lovely part of it.

This is not the end.


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