This Is Me


….right now. About to get in the car. Setting up this blog. Because I’m professional like that.

My phone is below 5%, and dying fast, but I’m writing this anyway. It’s important to me that I create this blog. It’s important to me that I make a life change. It’s important that I do it now, because tomorrow’s not going to do it for me.

The purpose of this blog is not to make goals. I think goals are great, and should be set. And accomplished. But for me? I’m still trying to figure out this crazy thing called “working out”. Also known as “fitness”. What is this thing? Why should I do it? What’s so important?

I’m slowly learning the answers to these questions. I’m not very good at aforementioned fitness. I’m just getting to a place in my life where I enjoy things such as: fast walking/jogging, lunges, crunches, weights, etc. Nothing fancy, but hey, now I enjoy it at least!

For a while I have also struggled with over eating. Most of the time I don’t even know I’m doing it – but lately I’ve been catching on. Feeling convicted. Realizing when enough is enough.

So all in all, I have a long way to go. ¬†And it’s going to be a journey, one I want YOU to come with me for.

This is not the end.